Tuesday, 27 January 2009

North Shore now really famous....

I had the slightly surreal experience of taking part in a photo shoot for Lexus this arvo at the Toyota ad agency. They needed a premium quality sea kayak to show off their newest Lexus, & asked me if they could borrow one of our stock North Shore Atlantic's as the 'talent'. In a photo studio the size of a tennis court, with whited out walls that made it impossible to distinguish wall from roof from floor, photographer Bill took a few well aimed shots. Look out for the North Shore on the roof of the new Lexus, on a billboard coming to you....! Unfortunately you don't get a free one when you buy your Lexus, but the most famous sea kayak in the country is still available from stock for anyone interested....


OpenID avastyematey said...

The North Shore would look immeasurably better on the roof of a Volvo XC90...especially if both were mine.

28 January 2009 21:42  

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