Thursday, 1 January 2009

Latest shipment has arrived....

Our latest shipment of Valley, SKUK & North Shore kayaks has arrived. You can see from our stock list (on the Kayak Prices page of the website) that we have precious few boats remaining from this shipment available, with just a single Rapier 20, two Aquanaut LV's, three NDK Explorers & the new North Shore Atlantic's. If you've been considering a superbly made British performance sea kayak for this summer, please be quick - we've had several disappointed buyers who have missed out to procrastination......
We will also be re-ordering within the next couple of weeks, for our next shipment landing in early April. If you'd like a custom made boat - maybe a carbon kevlar lay-up, a customised bulkhead or your own specific colour - let us know before January 15.


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