Monday, 25 January 2010

Price Announcement - Tahe & North Shore

Good news for kayak buyers. Fresh from my trip to the UK & Estonia, we've been able to secure a much better freight rate from Tahe Marine, and can pass on the savings to you, our customers. The Tahe kayaks (Greenland, Greenland T & Wind 585) in standard composite layup are now just $2990. The superb sea performers, the Zegul range, are still the same price, however the boats have been up-specced to the cutting edge Aerospace Vacuum Infused Carbon Kevlar. Having just seen first hand how these boats are made & finished, this represents unrivalled value for money in the Australian market. Check the Tahe page on our website for details.

There has been a similar development at Valley, with the North Shore range now being manufactured in batch lots, allowing a saving on time & materials, and we can pass on the reduction in price that Valley are offerring on the North Shore Atlantic. This boat is approaching cult status for it's rough water capabilities and is now available for sale for $3990.


Anonymous Sean Smith - Fat Paddler said...

I gotta say I'm in love with the Greenland T. Seriously!! - FP

29 January 2010 23:07  
Blogger Mark Sundin - Expedition Kayaks said...

.....and you've only seen a photo. Wait until you you see one live, the are astoundingly well made and shiny.....

30 January 2010 06:36  
Anonymous Sean Smith - Fat Paddler said...

Oooooh, shiny! :)

2 February 2010 18:29  

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