Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tahe Marine - Coming Soon......

If there is one kayak manufacturer who seems to have captured the imagination of sea kayakers around the world, it's the clever & innovative Tahe Marine from northern Europe. Their Greenland design in particular seems to have had a major hand in re-igniting the interest in Greenland paddling & rolling, with it's clean low-volume lines & sexy black finish. This boat was exposed to a wide range of paddlers last weekend at the Queensland Symposium, thanks to the owner of the only one in Australia, Brian Towell, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. I think it's safe to say that, skin on frame boats aside, this is the worlds easiest kayak to roll.
A bit of investigation & some candid correspondence with Tahe reveals that they are no one-trick pony, and are also turning out some other brand new designs worthy of a closer look.

So, we have ordered a shipment from Tahe, and included three designs, the Greenland, Greenland T (a larger Greenland boat for touring or bigger paddlers), the Wind 585, a fast, narrow fitness or touring boat, and a rather special looking boat called the Zegul.

The Zegul in particular has some impressive pedigree. Designed by Johan Wirsén, the creator of the Point65 XP, this boat shares some of the excellent features that made the XP a fast, high performance design, but with added sea attributes like a fuller bow (to prevent pearling in following seas) & a shallower keel line (to give a less twitchy initial stability). It has some very good reviews overseas commenting on the speed downwind, stability in genuinely big water, and the great handling of the swede form hull. The Zegul is available in an expedition size (Zegul 550) & a low volume (Zegul 530). It promises to be a fresh new entrant into a growing & diverse market.
Keep an eye on our website for these boats, stock is due in 2010, prices start from $3190.


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