Friday, 8 February 2008

Ocean Paddler Magazine (UK)

Just a quick note to alert kayakers out there who haven't yet seen it, of the superb new Ocean Paddler magazine from the UK. As far as Sea Kayaking goes, this mag is the Vogue living of our sport, with incredible editorial standards in photography & writing.
The articles are jam packed with information about sea kayaking, as opposed to river & lake kayaking in sea kayaks, which in my opinion tends to dominate the American equivalent magazines. They have a few good instructional spots in each issue, as well as an overview of what is happenning in the broader paddling world, with expeditions underway & in the planning. It ain't cheap, coming out of the UK by post, but at about $11 per issue it is a bargain, considering the amount of information packed into each magazine. You can subscribe at


Blogger Bertie.. said...

Hi, thanks for you great comments about our magazine. We're hoping that we can find a cheaper way of getting it into Australia & New Zealand. We have a couple of ideas, which might come to fruition later in the year.


Graham 'Bertie..' Beckram

21 February 2008 20:01  
Blogger Clint said...

Where can i buy it from here in Sydney?

25 February 2008 17:24  
Blogger Mark Sundin - Expedition Kayaks said...

At the moment you have to subscribe through the OP website, which is pretty simple, & their delivery is faultless. Otherwise, you should see if any kayak shops around town are willing to become distributors.

27 February 2008 15:40  
Anonymous Rob Hollow said...

I'd second the comments re this magazine! It is great with a stunning layout and informative articles. Issues arrive extremely promptly. I've enjoyed every issue and consider the subscription excellent value compared with other magazines.



27 March 2008 12:29  
Blogger Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine said...

Hi there, just a quick note from the OP team - overseas shipping has just been reduced to £2 per copy, making subscriptions much more competitive.

All the best

Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine

29 July 2008 22:29  

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