The North Shore Atlantic aims to broaden the scope of rudderless paddling to a much wider market, paddlers transitioning from a rudderred or entry level boat who have perhaps been a little apprehensive about jumping into the more niche designs this more technical genre of kayaks. 

The North Shore Atlantic wasn reviewed in Britainís excellent Ocean Paddler Magazine. You can see the review HERE.


North Shore Atlantic LV RM- $2395

Relaxed in any environment is a phrase that sums up the North Shore Atlantic. The triple-layer rotomoulded LV version is a great all round sea & play kayak designed for lighter paddlers, within the 55kg-80kg range. It has a bouncy secondary stability that reasures new paddlers on rough water, is a great surf & pushes along at the 6-7kmh speed range with a very low resistance curve. If you're lighter, and looking for a genuine rough water sea kayak in whihc to confiently build & enhance your skills, the North Shore Atlantic LV RM is a unique option in the market.

Technical Specs:

Length: 4.85m†† Width: 55cmWeight: 24kg

Front compartment:   65 litres
Middle compartment: 25 litres
Rear compartments:   85 litres
Triple Layer Rotomoulded Polyethylene (Valley Layup)