The North Shore Atlantic aims to broaden the scope of rudderless paddling to a much wider market, paddlers transitioning from a rudderred or entry level boat who have perhaps been a little apprehensive about jumping into the more niche designs this more technical genre of kayaks.   

Stop Press – the North Shore Atlantic has just been reviewed in Britain’s excellent Ocean Paddler Magazine. You can see the review HERE.


North Shore Atlantic - $3790

Relaxed in any environment is a phrase that sums up the Atlantic. Although only slightly wider than boats like the Valley Aquanaut & Zegul 550, the Atlantic provides a level of initial-stabilit normally only found in much wider kayaks. This extra stability provides extra reassurance to the less experienced and extends the comfort zone of anyone intent on pushing their paddling boundaries. 
The beauty of using the hull profile that gives the Atlantic’s level of stability whilst retaining a beam of only 22 inch (56cm) is that the Atlantic retains a reassuring level of speed and avoids the bulk and clumsiness of wider kayaks. All-rounder can sometimes carry negative connotations but once in a very long while an all rounder does come along that is genuinely good in all departments, the Atlantic is such a case. 
The Atlantic, a performance sea kayak in the same genre as the Tiderace Xcite & Rockpool Alaw Bach, now available from stock in the super light, super strong, Aeronautical vacuum bagged diolen layup. 

Technical Specs:

Length: 5.20m   Width: 55cm  Weight: 22kg

Front compartment:   65 litres
Middle compartment: 25 litres
Rear compartments:   85 litres
Composite construction – Aerospace vacuum bagged GRP.