Epic 18X Sport Sea Kayak - $3990

The re-vamped pioneer of the fitness/touring kayak is now back in the country, with the lessons learned from Freya Hoffmeister's circumnavigation of Australia.The new Epic 18X has a brilliant lock down dry hatch system, a day hatch as standard, & the innovative new drop down Epic rudder system. Read a review of the new features with a short video on it's manouvreability highlighted HERE, or some vision of the boat running downwind HERE. Specs on the boat are as follows - Length 5.49m, width 55.9cm, depth 28.6cm, capacity 173kg, with an 86cm x 41cm cockpit. There is a short video below showing the 18X running some small following seas.

Introducing, the Epic V8 Ski, the inclusive ocean racing ski. We have stock on hand of this much awaited ski design, made with the explicit purpose of broadening the appeal of ski paddling, without changing the experience of being on a fast & seaworthy craft. The V8 has an enormous amount of initial & secondary stability, but with a clever cutaway at the paddle entry point & a lean bow section still has an exhilarating top end speed. On flat water it's a 10kmh crusier, downsea & downwind it will go as fast as you're willing to let it. The ideal ski for sea kayakers looking to transition to fitness paddling, but not wiling to forego the stability of their decked craft. It's also one of the few genuine racing skis in the market suited to beginners. See our initial thoughts on the Epic V8 HERE. There is a nice little video of the boat running downwind below.


The New Epic V-10 Surf Ski

Technical Specs: Length: 6.5m Width: 43.4cm Weight: 15.5kg (Performance) Depth: 35.5cm

Epic's latest tuned up design, taking the iconic old V10 design, adding stability normally associated with intermediate skis, and a smidgin of extra speed. The ski features the new super fast bailer, a re-hashed footplate with an improved leg drive angle, and lines to make an old naval arcitect weep. The step up from intermediate to elite has never been so small, nor the lines between these previosuly clearly delineated genres so blurred. Our most exciting ride for a long time, both Mark & Rob can be found out on their new V10's a few times a week. The video below shows Mark enjoying some fun downwind runs off Cronulla.

Epic V-10 Sport Surf Ski

This is the boat we feel is the easiest of the intermediate crossover boats for sea kayakers to get into the exhilarating sport of ocean ski paddling. The V10 Sport has a very reassuring, sea kayak-like feel in the water, with secondary stability not normally found in these sleek speed machines. If you are looking for a fitness boat to beat them all on flat water, or a serious racing ski capable of footing it with the big guns in the ocean racing series, without the huge skill level required to paddle the narrower skis, the V10 Sport is the one. In combination with the Epic Mid Wing Paddle, we believe a newcomer to the sport will have the ultimate package for getting out on the sea & enjoying the thrills that Surf Ski paddling offers. For a short intro to ski paddling as it happened, read Mark Sundin's article on learning to paddle the Epic V10 Sport ski HERE or watch a short charge on the ski in some nice bumpy following seas HERE. As with all of the boats in the EK range, we will take you out on a proper sea test paddle of the V10 Sport, & introduce you to the sport & the boat in an instructional paddle, so you can answer all of your questions on the water.

Technical Specs: Length: 6.0m Width: 48.3cm Weight: 17kg Depth: 33cm

Epic Mid-Wing Full Carbon (Burgundy Shaft) Now $525

The Epic Mid Wing paddle is the best choice for most fitness or racing paddlers. Unlike wing paddles which are developed for the metronomic flat water racing market, Epic Mid Wings are designed for the sea. As such, they have a huge degree of tolerance designed into the blade shape, making it far less likely that you'll be tripped up in rough water by a poorly placed stroke. With an overall blade size of 750cm2 it's a smaller size than conventional flat water wing or propeller paddles, so you have plenty of scope for higher cadence & acceleration, and the super light 705gm weight makes paddling a technical, rather than a muscular endeavour! All Mid Wing paddles come standard with Length-Lock™ technology, giving you infinite feather adjustment & 10cm of variable shaft length. We recommend the Burgundy Medium Flex Shaft construction option, as it is a more forgiving layup, better suited to distance paddlers.